This year, SEAI launched a new initiative to help SMEs go green and grow at the same time. 

In order to meet our climate goals as a country, we all need to start making changes at home and at work.  The SEAI Academy is a great resource to help us learn how we can do our bit in the workplace to prevent climate change.

SEAI Academy is a free online training resource to help educate your staff about energy issues so that your business can save money on energy bills, recouping funds that can then be used to help your business grow.

The Academy offers a range of modules designed by Ireland’s leading energy experts which will help you make long term changes to reduce energy bills, switch to renewable energy sources, reduce energy waste, and make your business more energy efficient.

Going green will benefit your business financially through reduced costs but also promote your business image with consumers as an eco friendly company.

Here are some examples of SEAI Academy training modules:

Energy Bill Analysis

Learn how to read your energy bills, identify where you’re losing money, and how to reduce costs.

Behavioural Change

Learn how to encourage staff to change their habits in order to reduce energy consumption and wastage.

Office Energy Efficiency

Learn how to identify big energy users in your office and how to reduce energy consumption.

Eco Driving

Find out how driving style affects fuel consumption and how to teach your staff to reduce fuel costs.

Transport & Deliveries

Find out which delivery vehicles are more eco friendly and how to plan deliveries to reduce emissions and costs.

Electric Vehicles

Learn about electric vehicles, how they help the environment, and financial incentives for investing in EVs.

Heating Energy Efficiency

Find out how you can reduce costs and your contribution to climate change through heating usage on your premises. 

Lighting Efficiency

Learn how to reduce lighting costs and lighting energy consumption whilst improving employee comfort and safety.

Refrigeration Energy Efficiency

Learn how to you can optimise your usage of refrigeration to reduce costs and wastage.

Business Energy Efficiency

Find out how your business can become more sustainable in its energy usage.

Energy & Climate Change

Learn about energy options available in Ireland and how your energy usage affects climate change.

You can register for the training on the SEAI website.